Drone and Aerial Services

We take immense pride in offering top-tier aerial imagery with our team of highly qualified, professional, licensed, and insured drone pilots.

Whether it’s for tourism promotion, commercial marketing, wildlife documentaries, high resolution maps, or real estate ventures, our cutting-edge technology and artistic vision ensure we deliver nothing short of the highest quality content.

Trust Africa Photographic Services to elevate your visual storytelling and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

“Unlocking the Sky for Stunning Visuals”

Operations for commercial services – Registered and Insured

Flight limits – 300m (1000ft) high and within a 2000m radius

Licensed, insured and professional pilots

We operate under an registered UASOC holder CAA/G1370D

We are also have the following special flight permissions:

Restricted Airspace and Controlled Airspace – South Africa

Events, Weddings, Festivals, Night operations

Fly within 10km of ANY aerodrome/airport

We make the whole process simple and efficient so you can get what you need legally and with complete peace of mind



Drone Service - EVENTS

R 4,750



Drone Service - Photo/VideoMOST POPULAR

R 3,750



Helicopter Photo/Video

R 14,850



Due to the varying nature of Drone Content required, these are only guidelines and we will provide a detailed quote on request. All our packages include the Field Operations Manual, Standard Drone, Pilot but exclude any special permissions and travel costs


Acceptable uses of UAS

For use where there is  commercial outcome, interest or gain:

  1. The UAS must first be approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority for use by way of an UAS Letter of Authority (UASLA);
  2. All UAS must be registered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority prior to use;
  3. An UAS may only be operated in terms of Part 101 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations which includes specific requirements that the operator shall hold UAS Operating Certificate (UASOC)
  4. An UAS must be operated in terms of Part 101 by a qualified and licensed RPC holder (Pilot)

Examples of use for commercial outcome, interest or gain:

Marketing content, youtube channels, Social media, websites, commercial sales

For private use –

(a) The RPAS may only be used for an individual’s personal and private purposes where there is no commercial outcome, interest or gain;

(b) The pilot must observe all statutory requirements relating to liability, privacy and any other laws enforceable by any other authorities.

“Drone and Aerial Solutions for Businesses and Creatives”

I have a Nikon DSLR that I was planning on taking with me to Sabi Sands but didn't want to risk packing and damaging my lenses in transit from the United States so I decided to rent from APS. Their selection was great and their service was incredible. After placing my order a few days before leaving on our honeymoon, we arrived to our lodge in Sabi Sands and were immediately greeted by our lodge staff with the camera gear, as promised, right on time. I was pleased to have it immediately as within the first hour of our arrival we went on a game drive and I captured some incredible moments. I'm so happy APS was able to deliver the equipment on site and take that stress off of me while planning our trip. All in, we got some incredible photos that I wouldn't have gotten had we not rented equipment through AP. Thanks for the support!

Admired guestThe cherry on top of our safari experience!

I rented a lens, monopod and bean bag for my safari. Communication from afar was wonderful. When I arrived at the airport, my items were waiting for me. They even went above and beyond to arrange back up arrangements if my flight was delayed. I highly recommend Africa Photographic Services for all rentals.

Amazing!Wonderful Experience!

Being 5 metres from a roaring lion is spine tingling.
When arrived at our game reserve the lens was waiting for us. The staff at the lodge we very excited for me with this lens. Don’t buy one - rent the latest gear from AFRICA photographic services.

What an Adventure...The wildlife and the big 5 were amazing.


Do I need to get permission for you to fly?

Yes you do need a sign letter to allow Africa Photographic to conduct UAS activities

Am I able to use the content for commercial purposes?

Yes, there are no restrictions for using content we generate with our licenced and registered systems

Are you able to do high resolution maps and property layouts?

Yes we used specialized software to create these incredibly useful outputs

When is the best time to take photographs?

The best time to have a the UAs work done will depend on the type of work you need. We can give you the best solutions,

How does the timing work?

We need various time frames for a specific operations.

Uncontrolled Airspace – 3 -5 days

Controlled Airspace – 7-14 working days

Events or Restricted Airspace – 7-14 days

Do you need accommodation?

Usually no, but it depends on what type of shoot that you would like.

If you would like a early morning or evening sunset work, then accommodation will be needed. You would need to organise the accommodation and all meals

How many images will I receive?

It is always tough to promise a certain amount of images that you will receive. We focus on quality over quantity. We always aim to give you the images we have discussed with the project requirements and needs.

How long until I receive my images?

As we focus on quality over quantity, we also focus on each and every image. We take the time to edit each and every image. We create a story with our images that will take you back to your incredible stay.

How do I receive the images?

We upload all of the images to an online gallery for you to download and share as you please. The images will remain in the gallery for one month for you to download.