Professional Lodge Photography for the Tourism Industry. This includes work for safari lodges, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, estates etc. The images provided includes interior and exterior images for websites, brochures, and any promotional images/videos needed.




Our Lodge, Hotel & Guesthouse Photography conveys the luxury and relaxation that your guests will experience. Your images are the first impression that your future guests will get of your facility. We know how vital these images need to be. We have all of the experience and equipment to capture the best images for the internet or for paper-based media. We are able to travel anywhere to your property.


“Our Food and Commercial Product Photography showcases the delectable delights and enticing products your customers will crave. Your images serve as the initial taste of what your brand offers. We understand the critical role these visuals play. Equipped with the expertise and tools, we adeptly capture mouthwatering images tailored for online platforms or print media. Our services extend nationwide, ensuring we can bring our expertise directly to your establishment.”


Are you selling a house or looking at renting it out for Airbnb? We can take high quality interior and exterior images that will entice people to your property.

Africa Photographic also does 360 Degree Virtual Panoramic Photography and we use the latest in Digital Editing Software and equipment. We use Matterport pro2 camera for advanced Virtual and 3D tours.


We create video content for hotels and lodges, from shorts teaser films, to longer videos that show off the beauty and atmosphere of your lodge. These videos allow you to advertise on your website and multiple social media platforms. Our virtual tours are created using the latest 360-degree equipment to allow your future guests to fully view your lodge in a virtual format.


We have fully licensed drone pilots and the right equipment to capture any requirements that you have. We have the perfect drones to capture to your aerial photography needs. Drone photography gives a new perspective to your clients. Our aerial services include real estate, commercial property, social media and advertising.


This includes year end functions, award ceremonies, business functions, special events, races, marathons and any sporting events.


Africa Photographic will supply you with a few powerful signature images of your property – those magical images that tell the full story. Details of the property and interesting and unique features you need highlighted

If Staff, Food, activities and wildlife are part of the brief we will need access to all the experiences you offer, including the spa and dining.

Much of the work will be done early morning and late evening – with interior being done midday. Our work often results in us working long into the night and we spend hours on the images removing dust spots, neatening wires, fixing thatch, enhancing skies to bring out the best in the image.


-Develop a shot list indicating what you would like to showcase.

-Make sure that there are enough rooms empty during the shoot dates and ensure there is easy access to the area scheduled for the shoot.

-Try to gather some people to act as models, and possibly staff to help with moving things and styling. Where models are used, waivers must be signed.

– Replace all fussed light bulbs and see that they are the correct/same temperature (not one cool daylight and the other warm)

– Cut grass, clean swimming pools, clean windows, iron bed linen.

– Prepare meals that need to be photographed.



How much time do you need to photograph my property?

This depends on how many rooms and areas of the property that you need captured. We always fit as much as we can in one day to keep the number of days lower, however this also depends on the property. Normally we spend three days for: 4 x rooms, Reception area, dining area, activities/ food, but this is depending on the weather conditions. We take photos mainly during dusk and dawn which creates the best lighting and mood for the images.

What will it cost me?

This depends on the size of the property and the amount of time the photographer will spend at the property or event and how many photographers are needed for the shoot.

Can you take photos of people and guests to show activities, staff working etc?

Absolutely, we can use your staff or visiting guests as models for the images. If we use guests or staff, we need their permission beforehand if you want to use the images publicly. A model release would need to be signed by each person.

What do you need from us to get the best possible images?

You need to get the property looking really good, do some gardening, cut the lawn, clean windows, iron linen, clean the floors and mirrors.

A brief description of the expectations from the person wanting the shoot. Day pass/accreditation to be able to access all areas of the property or event if needed.

Do you want us to supply you with meals and accommodation?

Yes please. We have very little time to make meals when on a shoot and we are up early and to bed late editing, so a bed on the property will allow us to be onsite as the sun rises.

How long will it take to receive our images?

It takes roughly 4-6 weeks for us to deliver High Res images. Each image is very important for you to display so we like to look at and edit each image individually. This allows us to create a good flow and consistency in the gallery that you display on your website and marketing material. One of High-resolution images which can be used for printing and the other is low resolution images for social media.

Is travelling included in your quote?

Travel is not included and will be added to the quote.

How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos received will depend on the requirements of the shoot. Keeping in mind, all property and architecture have different sizes and features therefore the number of images can vary.

We deliver a minimum of 3 images per room. I.e. three images of the kitchen, three images of the lounge, three images of the bedroom. These images will be taken at different angles to give a full and accurate perspective of each room.

When is the best time to take photographs?

The obvious answer is during the golden hours. Either early in the morning when the sun is rising, or around sunset. This is generally the case, but each property is different. Small factors such as tree position or the direction that the room is facing could affect the best time. In some cases the middle of the day works best.

Do you only take photographs of the rooms?

No, we photograph everything and anything that you need us to. While we are specialists in real estate and architecture photography, we have adapted our skills to cover every base that you may need. We photograph food, wildlife, staff headshots and any marketing material images for social platforms. For social media material we suggest a model is available. Something to keep in mind – Prior arrangement is essential to any shoot being a success